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VesselPro™ Login

VesselPro™ was developed to provide our clients with secure access to their plans anywhere in the world. VesselPro™ allows the user to view either the entire plan or a specific section and if needed, submit changes. Once the information is verified by our client specialists, Witt O’Brien’s then notifies the federal or state agency that the plan is ready for approval.

VesselPro™ helps maintain the many types of vessel plans in both federal and state agency-approved formats. When format changes are mandated or revisions to client information are necessary, VesselPro™ makes it easy to keep all plans fully compliant and current while maintaining a history of the changes.

Robust Plan Formatting and Printing

VesselPro™ provides simple but sophisticated plan printing capabilities. Users can print the entire plan or individual sections. All plans are printed in Adobe PDF to allow electronic viewing and distribution. With flexible plan template designs, VesselPro™ prints highly formatted documents. This is an essential feature that the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) accepts electronic plans in lieu of hard copy manuals onboard vessels.

Benefits of using VesselPro™ include:

  • Simplifies the compliance process
  • Streamlines plan maintenance – allowing access anywhere via the web
  • Increases accuracy, strengthening oversight and quality control review
  • Complies with both federal and state plan management requirements
  • Improves plan access for emergency response
  • Provides service request tracking
  • Simplifies submittals to federal and state authorities

[Download VesselPro™ Benefits & Advantages PDF]

[Download VesselPro™ Service Request Tracking (SRT) Feature PDF]