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Through exacting preventive audits and inspections conducted by former U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) personnel and/or Master Mariners, we will ensure that your vessels are in compliance before they are boarded by the USCG or Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We will provide recommendations, as well as liaison services, to assist owners and operators with meeting federal – and in some cases, state and local – regulations. These valuable services will help keep your vessels in operation and avoid costly delays.

Our Senior Marine Technical Representatives specialize in providing their expertise, direction, and assistance to prepare a vessel’s crew specifically for USCG inspections.

If the opportunity exists, we recommend that our Senior Marine Technical Representatives attend vessels prior to a potential USCG inspection, so that they can conduct an independent audit using the same inspection guidelines used by the USCG inspectors. This allows for the identification of any potential discrepancies or deficiencies that can be rectified prior to the actual USCG inspection. Additionally, our Senior Marine Technical Representatives often attend vessels to lend their support, guidance and insight to the Master and crew during the actual USCG inspection.

We have Senior Marine Technical Representatives located regionally throughout the continental United States in order to be better equipped to provide services at any major port a vessel calls while keeping the associated costs at a minimum.

As part of our “Partners in Compliance” program, we currently offer the following shipboard attendance services to ensure compliance during routine port calls:

  • Pre-boarding vessel inspection and preparation for US Coast Guard Port State Control examinations, inspection attendance, and deficiency resolution
  • DOJ environmental compliance program development, monitoring, and audit services
  • ISM/ISO audit support services
  • MARPOL compliance audits
  • VGP compliance verification
  • Tug and barge inspections
  • Company audits
  • Navigation audits
  • Port captaincy
  • Bunker Transfer Monitoring
  • VRP familiarization & OPA 90 training
  • Hazardous material refresher training
  • H2S training

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