Scott Stoermer, MPA, MS

Scott Stoermer, MPA, MS

Managing Director, Readiness & Response

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Scott brings more than 27 years of incident and emergency management experience to lead our Government Solutions Readiness and Response Practice. He served in a variety of capacities over 24 years in the Coast Guard, is a Nationally certified Type 1 Incident Commander, and is interested in the critical intersections of response and recovery in both disaster-driven and non-disaster driven crises.

Scott’s leadership and vision not only ensured exemplary Coast Guard mission execution across the mid-west, but built relationships with state, local and civic agencies expanding regional all-hazards response capacity and resilience. As a seasoned emergency manager, Scott has served as the lead for local, regional, and national responses including mass casualty events like the Stretch Duck 7, oil and hazardous materials incidents, hurricanes, and historic flooding. Additionally, he coordinated over 40 government and law enforcement agencies to integrate planned recovery efforts for mock disaster drills.

Leading industry-wide safety efforts, compliance programs, industry preparedness, incident coordination and organizational training efforts, Scott has excelled at finding and achieving shared objectives across the client and customer spectrum.

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