Norberto Dueñas, MPA

Norberto Dueñas, MPA

Director, Solutions

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Norberto is a Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery expert who leads the US Virgin Island’s efforts to receive a $1.8 billion allocation from the Department of Housing and Urban Development to fund housing, infrastructure, and economic revitalization initiatives. He also led COVID-19 support for the City of San Jose by connecting government and businesses with experts in support of their response initiatives in the areas of FEMA reimbursement, continuity of essential services, crisis communication, and public health.

Prior to joining Witt O'Brien's, Norberto managed a $3 billion annual budget for the City of San Jose. His more than three-decade-long career working for local governments has provided him with unparalleled insight and experience into risk management, crisis preparedness, response, and recovery challenges facing municipal offices.

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