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What is CO:RE?

Business Continuity | Crisis Management | Crisis Communications

CO:RE is a packaged corporate resilience solution that combines business continuity planning, crisis management, and crisis communications. It was developed as an affordable yet comprehensive outsourced service targeted at mid-sized businesses.

The impact of unexpected events on companies is stark and sobering.

In the year after a typical crisis, such as a cyberattack, extreme weather event, or a product recall, businesses face an average 5% drop in value. When poorly handled, a crisis will also damage the company’s reputation, restrict its ability to operate, and erode the trust of employees, customers, and stakeholders.

Successful companies invest in corporate resilience.

Fortune 500 companies commonly invest in a resilience function. In times of crisis, they act swiftly and with confidence, demonstrating decisive management, and engage stakeholders in clear and transparent communications. To them, corporate resilience is a competitive advantage.

Post pandemic, these companies are increasing their investment. According to a recent survey of global organizations, 70% are planning to increase their investment in corporate resilience after the pandemic.

For mid-market companies the situation is different. Too many find themselves squeezed into an awkward position: big enough for crisis events to have a substantial impact, but too small to fund a dedicated resilience function.

Introducing CO:RE, a new approach to corporate resilience.

Witt O’Brien’s developed CO:RE as an affordable yet comprehensive outsourced service targeted at mid-sized businesses that minimizes the risk of damage from unexpected events. It combines crucial expertise, earned through decades of direct client support in business continuity, crisis management, and crisis communications into a powerful, tailored corporate resilience package for less than the cost of an average, full-time employee.


  • Tailored Playbook
  • Best practices to reinforce its proven content
  • Comprehensive training to ensure familiarity
  • CO:RE experts become part of your team
  • Chief of Staff to drive process and organize management
  • Communications experts coach your leadership
  • Team aids strategies, workstreams, and actions
  • Unique 800 number for your business
  • Security operations center monitors your hotline
  • Dedicated Resilience Lead coordinates response
  • Real events used to enhance playbook content
  • Tabletop exercises refresh Playbook with scenarios
  • Ongoing training refines new resilience programs
  • Playbook walkthrough to ensure familiarity and usability

Why Witt O'Brien's?

Witt O’Brien’s has, for 35 years, helped Fortune 500 companies develop a capacity for resilience, providing expertise and event response support to minimize consequences and improve outcomes.

No one else offers an integrated, tailored mid-market service combining multidisciplinary expertise with 24/7 response support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the CO:RE Packaged Corporate Resilience solution? Our experts offer answers to many questions we've been asked about the importance of implementing a Corporate Resilience program, including Business Continuity, Crisis Management and Crisis Communications response efforts to help mitigate the potential impacts of a crisis event or other company disruptions.

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9th Annual Event Impact Management Study Report

This year, Witt O’Brien’s partnered with BC Management to deliver the 9TH Annual Event Impact Management Study. The study assessed how organizations prepare for events and how those events impacted organizations during 2020, to include not only the impacts of COVID-19, but how organizations prepare and respond to different crises. The findings highlighted activations during an event, impacts to the business and personnel, downtime experienced, and estimated financial loss by event.

9th Annual Event Impact Management Study Report
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