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Multi-Housing News: Landlords Turn to Software, Services for ERAP Distribution

Media Coverage Mar 29 2021
Landlords Turn to Software, Services for ERAP Distribution

State and local governments seek different solutions to manage and administer the multi-billion dollar federal rental assistance program.

By Gail Kalinoski
Muti-Housing News

Faced with the daunting challenge of reviewing applications, approving requests and dispersing billions of dollars in federal funding aimed at helping residents and landlords catch up on pandemic-related unpaid rent, many states and local governments are turning to software providers, emergency management firms and advisory services companies to help them deal with requirements of the Emergency Rental Assistance Program.

Unqork has partnered with Witt O’Brien’s, a crisis and emergency services consulting firm, on several bids but does not have an exclusive arrangement. Holloway said he has known Brad Gair, a Witt O’Brien’s principal & senior managing director, for many years. It was Gair who called Holloway late last year and said state and local governments would need more specific solutions to process payments and meet the Treasury Department guidelines coming in the 2021 funding programs.

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