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Brad Gair Interviews with Invest: Insights Helping Governments & Companies Manage COVID-19

Media Coverage May 04 2020

Congress has appropriated funding across a broad range of Federal agencies to support States, Territories, Local Governments, Tribal Nations, and other entities providing critical and essential services. Abby Melone, President & CEO at Capital Analytics asked our own Brad Gair, Senior Managing Director to discuss our firm's efforts in response to this unprecedented National Emergency. Click here to listen to the full interview.

Capital Analytics is an integrated media platform that produces in-depth business intelligence through its annual print and digital economic reviews, high-impact conferences and events and top-level interviews via its video platform, Invest: Insights.

Witt O’Brien’s has decades of experience helping State and local governments navigate these complex issues, including assisting communities with applying for assistance, evaluating eligibility for incurred or future cost, and securing critical reimbursements to mitigate strain on a community’s cash flow. Contact us to discuss your community’s individual needs and learn how we can helps support your COVID-19 response: covidhelp@wittobriens.com.