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We are your crisis and emergency partner

About Witt O'Brien's

We specialize in crisis and emergency management. That's all we do—no distractions.

Our mission is to make your organization as resilient as possible in an unpredictable world. Everything we do, and all our operations, are designed with this goal in mind.

We deploy on short notice to help you overcome the most challenging events of your career. Our 24x7 Command Center in Houston, TX supports over 1,000 state and local governments, oil and gas companies, maritime owners and operators, and other Fortune 100 companies worldwide. Houston is our largest staff location, including the teams who support our clients with invoicing, contract management, technology and other critical functions.

We're the partner you want by your side in a crisis.

Resilience Leaders for Over 35 Years

Our firm was founded by recognized innovators in crisis and emergency management, across both government and the private sector.

That legacy lives on today. Our clients range from Fortune 50 companies to national, state and local governments. Our extraordinarily broad experience has been built over decades, worldwide. We use these lessons, learned the hard way, to help you avoid the mistakes of the past—making your organization as resilient as possible.

Markets we Serve
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Our Team

We’re battle-ready and resourceful. We understand the mission because we’ve been in your shoes - mitigating risk, managing crisis, directing recovery and improving resilience. We’re your force multiplier when your team is stretched, with the operational and financial strength for the largest disruptions. We deploy on short notice to help you manage the most challenging events of your career.

Meet the Team
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Community Engagement

Through our work and our employees’ volunteer activities, we support communities through business and non-profit partnerships. We view this as a natural and vital extension of our mission - to build resilience.

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